Here is a selection of questions that we are often asked by our clients, suppliers and partners and we hope they help you too.

Can I put a new fire in an existing home?

Yes – If you already have a log burner. Importantly, regardless of your current heating source, (heatpump or pellet fire), so long as you had an operational consented fire as of 31 December 2003, you can install a new clean air approved fire.

Can I put log fire in my new home?

Yes. But only if your home is not inside a designated clean air zone.

How do I know I'm in a clean air zone?

We suggest you visit this website take a look at the clean air map. You should get an answer immediately. Click here to visit the Ecan website. Alternatively (because the map is hard to read) you can call Ecan direct on 0800 324 636.

Is there Govenment Funding available for the installation of solid fuel heating?

Yes. Clean Air Grants are available but only until 30 June 2013.

You may be eligible for a subsidy of up to $2000.00. You can call us on 0800 200 700 for more information.